Volunteers are the life blood of the Indie Arena Booth and we would love to have you with us. If you are interested in the games industry, want to meet cool indie developers or simply help out an international roster of teams who put their heart and soul into the games they showcase at the booth, becoming a volunteer is the best way to do all of the above. Our volunteers help us in all aspects of running the booth and we are sure there is a good use for your unique skills and personality. You can help during construction or help the developers survive the most exhausting show of the year or help the Indie Arena Booth crew organize and run the show. There is plenty of work to do and we need your help to do it. In return you will get our - and the developers - eternal gratitude, free access to all days of the event and a great story to tell.

If that sounds fun to you, tell us a little bit about yourself and we will get in contact.

Applications for gamescom 2024 are open until 12 May.

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To join we need you to do these simple steps:

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  2. Click 'Become a volunteer'
  3. Fill out our application form