Tiny Troopers Global Ops
by Epiphany Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Tegan Kenney
E-Mail: tegan@wiredproductions.com
Developer PressKit: https://media.wiredproductions.com/games/tiny-troopers-global-ops/

About the game: Tiny Troopers Global Ops

The Mission: Local extremists have taken some villagers captive, to force them to work in the mines. Not on your watch! Eliminate resistance and free the captives!
Playing as a Private Military Contractor you take contracts all over the world, controlling a squad of 4 Tiny troopers to battle an assortment of enemies, ranging from Militia groups, to religious fanatics, to other PMCs, and even an army of drones as you secure villages, protect farmlands, safeguard energy production sites, rescue hostages and more.

About the company: Epiphany Games

KUKOURI. They are a small but elite team of veteran developers with a proven track record in the industry and Tiny Troopers along with their other titles has seen over 50 MILLION DOWNLOADS across mobile, PC and console platforms.
built in conjunction with Epiphany Games, an award-winning Development Studio located in Sydney which focuses on multi-platform games. The company consists of a number of a highly experienced game developers with over fifty years of combined game development experience for producing high quality projects on time and on budget.


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