"Duru" - A Game About Mole Rats & Depression
by Twisted Ramble Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Kerstin Schütt
E-Mail: contact@twisted-ramble.com
Developer PressKit: https://www.twisted-ramble.com/press-kit-duru/

About the game: "Duru" - A Game About Mole Rats & Depression

“Duru” is a game about mole rats and depression that wants to spread the word about how we all can help people affected by this illness. It is a 2D puzzle adventure set in a West-African inspired mole rat colony. While solving puzzles with an AI companion that works with and against them, players follow the story of Tuli – a story about the struggle with insecurities, darkness and friendship. It is told in a colorful, light hearted way with humour and always respect towards the topic.

About the company: Twisted Ramble Games

The berlin based studio tells stories about stigmatized topics like mental illness, social constraints and cultural differences and closes the gap between serious games and entertainment colorfully.


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