Back to the Dawn
by Metal Head Games

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About the game: Back to the Dawn

An exciting RPG set in a maximum-security prison populated by animals of every shape and size. Survive, explore, and escape! Along the way, you’ll interact with a motley crew of interesting and unique characters. Be strong and be smart! It's not just yourself you're saving, it's the whole city!

Do you have what it takes to escape from prison? Back to the Dawn is a game in which crime, conspiracy, and deception are all interwoven. Of course, there’s no shortage of passion and emotion. In a world beautifully rendered in pixel graphics, you play the role of a wrongfully imprisoned animal as you try to survive and explore your harsh new environment, all while attempting to escape. Along the way, you’ll meet a wide variety of weird and wonderful characters and become immersed in a fascinating story. Be strong and be smart! It's not just yourself you're saving, it's the whole city!

Hard-Boiled Plot

In a city of animals, you play the role of a framed journalist trying to survive prison. Working with your lawyer friend on the outside, you must collect evidence to save yourself and the city from great danger. (The game is still in development. More playable characters will be released in the future. Of course, each protagonist will have his own unique backstory.)

Immersive Simulation Experience

Immerse yourself in the enormous prison, but make sure you follow the rules, or at least try not to get caught! You’ll encounter all kinds of challenges as you explore your new environment. But will you be a model prisoner and just try to keep your head down, or will you leave a trail of chaos and destruction in your wake. It’s up to you.

Colorful Characters

Each of your fellow inmates has an unforgettable story to tell. Befriend them and help each other, or fight, rob, and bully them! Of course, you can also be a lone wolf or cunningly maneuver among the various factions. You may be a righteous and upstanding citizen, but when in Rome…

Open Character Growth System

Will you be a tough guy who lets his fists do the talking, a thief who hides in the shadows, or maybe a smooth talker with some nifty hacking skills? Anything is possible. Learn skills, collect equipment, craft tools, and try to go from being new fish to top dog!

Intricate Prison Escape Route

From the laundry room to the infirmary, to the sewers and even the parking lot, every inch of the place is a piece in your intricate jailbreak puzzle. Discover the secrets in each location and then use them to your advantage. In your bid for freedom, your imagination will be the most powerful weapon.

About the company: Metal Head Games

Hello, everyone. We’re Metal Head Games, an indie game studio with an unbreakable will and a mind that never rusts. With us comes an amazing hardcore game, BACK TO THE DAWN!
This game, which took three team members two years to develop, is expected to be released in 2023, so just get ready for an unforgettable and thrilling adventure!


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