Let Them Trade
by Spaceflower

Press Contact

Contact Name: Michael Hengstmann
E-Mail: michael@spaceflower.de
Developer PressKit: https://spaceflower.de/press/

About the game: Let Them Trade

Let Them Trade is an eco- and "trade sim the other way round". You are the chief financial manager of your king and need to take care of trade being able to happen, by building cities that demand/use certain resources and others that produce them, so traders can trade and pay their taxes to you. There will be production chains, research trees, bandits and knights and many other things happening in your game world. The game features a lovely, wooden made table-top look&feel.

About the company: Spaceflower

Spaceflower is a young indie game dev studio from Nuremberg, Germany, working on their debut title Let Them Trade, with some smaller side projects like the Twitch streamer game Viewergames Arcade.


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