School of Magic
by PartTimeIndie

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Contact Name: Nikolas Crisci
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About the game: School of Magic

The goal of School of Magic is that you experience the excitement of playing a Hack and Slay like Diablo, while providing the strategic depths of a Deckbuilder like Slay the Spire. To achieve this goal the level tree is replaced with a deckbuilding game, this means that you get different skills each run and you need to find out how to skill your character. In addition, there are randomised events that will pose difficult decisions as they can be found in games like Slay the Spire. This is combined with the exploration, combat and ease of play of a Hack and Slash like Diablo, which leads to more exciting moment to moment gameplay while still keeping the depths of a Deckbuilder.

About the company: PartTimeIndie

PartTimeIndie is the company I use to develop and publish my games. It was founded in early 2015, and I have released 2 Android games (one is no longer available) and 1 PC Game (Will Glow the Wisp) since. Gameplay first is what sums up the vision of PartTimeIndie, that not only refers to polish but also to try to innovate on the gameplay axis.


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