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Contact Name: Alexandra Palme
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Mixtvision is an award-winning cross-platform publishing and production house focused on engaging and immersive stories.
Starting out as a publisher for kids’ apps on mobile we‘ve developed into a cross-platform indie games publisher with a strong emphasis on narrative and emotional interactive content for all ages.
Our passion and mission is to tell good stories. We believe that as a society and as individuals, we need strong stories and profound experiences in fictional universes to help us make sense of the (real) world and to create empathy. That is why we produce and publish games that are rooted in storytelling, that convey meaning and stimulate valuable insight into ourselves and our surroundings.

About the company: Mixtvision

Mixtvision is an award-winning cross-platform publisher based in Munich, Germany. A dedicated team is working to publish indie games that resonate with players through moving stories and gameplay, inspire thoughts and emotions, and leave a lasting impression.