Football, Tactics & Glory
by Creoteam

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Contact Name: Andrey Kostyushko
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About the game: Football, Tactics & Glory

Football, Tactics & Glory is a strategy in the football world. 

Football, Tactics & Glory reinvents the basics of the football management genre, making it appealing to everyone, not just the most hardcore football management aficionados. The game skips the boring parts of football management games - all those endless tables, numbers, routine and micromanagement. But it is deep enough to keep players engrossed for hundreds of hours.

If you enjoy turn-based gameplay, strategy or tycoon games, you will love Football, Tactics & Glory.

About the company: Creoteam

Creoteam is a game studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We like to arouse emotions. Triumph, sorrow, joy, compassion, excitement, surprise, pride, hope. We believe, that feeling emotions makes our lives more interesting.


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