by Mighty Moth

Press Contact

Contact Name: Astrid Mie Refstrup
E-Mail: mie@mightymoth.com
Developer PressKit: http://press.mightymoth.com/sheet.php?p=above

About the game: Above

Experience the freedom of fight over a flooded world in this aeronautic hero’s journey, where lives revolve around the ancient evil beneath the waves.

This action-adventure takes you from humble beginnings in a fishing village to daring capers with sky pirates, uncovering the mystery of murderous cultists and passing through to discover what lies on the other side.


About the company: Mighty Moth

Mighty Moth are dreamers and nostalgic. We want to create games that give us that same feeling we had when playing games as kids. That kind of games where you could feel the love and imagination of the creators ooze out of the screens. They challenged you with exciting action and lured you in with amazing and mysterious tales. Imagine these games made with our tools and the technology we have today.


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