COVID-19 won’t change the game, but the platform: In 2020 Indie Arena Booth goes fully digital!

Our mission has always been about providing you with the best opportunities to present your game to publishers, press and avid gamers all around the globe. Indie Arena Booth has never been about the physical place but about the mindset - we are all united in our belief that ambitious indie games make the world a better place. We are totally overwhelmed by all the support and feedback we got in the last couple of weeks and we worked hard to stick true to our mission.
That’s why we are very happy to share the first infos with you: The Indie Arena Booth will still take place during gamescom – but this time worldwide only! With virtual booths and exclusive possibilities (e.g. awesome Steam sale event) in our own online-multiplayer game we will beam the unique experience of the Indie Arena Booth directly to all video game enthusiasts everywhere.

Without you Indie Arena Booth Online wouldn’t be complete: We would love to showcase your game and since we know everyone is still struggling with the current situation we’re extending our submissions deadline so you can join us in our online event. Apply with your awesome games until June 21st!
More games, more countries, more developers = more awesomess!

Please don’t hesitate even for one second to ask us anything you want to know. We have always been on your side and we will never stop <3

See you on the internet,


your Indie Arena Booth team <3

Indie Arena Booth online

  • One game on our website with press kit entry
  • B2B backend access
  • Press/Streamer backend access
  • Sales on games platforms (steam, more to come)
  • Upload exclusive video content
  • Be part of our Indie Arena Booth Online game with own booth
  • Get access to guidelines how to create content
  • Social Media/Press mentions
  • Be part of our lineup trailer
  • 200,00 €


  • Get access to IAB Online backend
  • Get access to IAB Online Matchmaking
  • Browse through our curated line-up
  • Contact devs
  • Schedule your IAB Online @ Gamescom stream
  • Be part of Indie Arena Booth Online!
  • 0,00 €


  • Access to Indie Arena Booth Online backend
  • Browse games
  • Browse teams
  • 0,00 €


  • Get access to IAB Online backend
  • Get access to IAB Online Matchmaking
  • Browse through our curated line-up
  • Contact devs
  • get exclusive insights
  • 0,00 €

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