About - Indie Arena Booth at gamescom

You can find our line-up for 2016 here!

The Indie Arena Booth is an open home for independent game developers from all over the world hosted by the German indie community "Indie Arena". It is a platform for the developers as well as a showcase for the colorful and vivid game scene between Avantgarde and AAA. The Indie Arena welcomes every developer and game enthusiast to be a part of this great event!

The Indie Arena Booth started as a very small hand-made exhibition space for indie developers at gamescom in 2012. The Indie Arena Booth existed alongside with its big predecessor the Indie Mega Booth. As Kelly and her team could not make it to gamescom in 2015, the Indie Arena Booth took up to the challenge and offered more space for indies.

Our intention is to give games of all colors and sizes a platform to be presented to the audience of gamescom, supporting local as well as international developers for an affordable price. The Indie Arena Booth is not free, yet we operate it as a non profit organization.

CONTACT: info@indiearenabooth.de